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English Vocabulary

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Abject: Miserable
The abject condition in which Gulzari Lal lived in his last days was testimony to the fact that despite being the P.M. twice, he had hardly made any money for himself in his political career.
Abrade: Wear away
The long drawn-out war abraded the army`s morale and ultimately led to its dismal surrender.
Formidable: Overwhelming, alarming, dreadful
Considering his formidable fan following in the city, it is no surprise that he has won with a huge margin of 3 lakh votes.
Knotty: Puzzling
Whether the hen came first or the egg has been one of the knottiest problems facing our scientists for long.
Nullify: Make void
The Sukhigeeli Party, by going back on its election-time promises, has nullified the entire goodwill and support it enjoyed at the time of coming to power.
Oust: To eject
He was oust from his community due to his different ideological thought process.
Palatial: Like a palace
The palatial Maharaja’s Haveli, comprising 300 rooms, 5 banquet halls and 3 swimming pools, was auctioned last week.
Radical: Extreme
Osho Rajneesh’s radical ideas, which were in direct opposition to those of prevailing and popular religions, obviously gave rise to lots of criticism.
Rampage: Violence
The frenzied mob, enraged by the police excesses, went on a rampage and set ablaze several government buildings.
Wry: Twisted
His wry face was testimony to his contemptuous feelings towards the fellow.
Zombie: A frightening person
He was sleep walking and looked like a zombie.


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