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English Vocabulary

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Level 1: Let’s get warmed up
Abnormal: Not normal
The child displayed abnormal behavior in class by suddenly shouting out loudly.
Elucidate: To make clear
The scholarly speaker elucidated on the topic in great details.
Pacify: To calm
The wise man tried to pacify both the warring parties, but they were hell bent on going ahead with their fight.
Query: Question
The teacher could not think of a suitable reply to Neha`s query.
Queue: Line
As soon as the teacher announced that she would be giving a chocolate to each of the boys, they quickly queued up.
Quiet: Making no noise
I told them to be quiet and go to sleep.
Rapid: Having great speed
He walked at a rapid pace along the street when it became dark.
Stationary: Unchanging
A stationary object, if propelled with a force, will move in proportion to the force you apply on it.
Uproarious: Noisy
I entered the market to find out that it was completely chaotic and uproarious.
Urgent: Required immediately
This task requires your urgent attention as tomorrow is the last day to finish it.


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