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Career in Govt Jobs

The question, whether to get into the private sector or the government sector can be easily answered: the government sector, of course. Especially, in these days of uncertainty, the one thing that can guarantee everything for a successful and secure career is a government job, the most coveted job these days.

Well, the following are a few advantages, in brief:

  • 1. Job Security - Unlike a job in the private sector, which is easily affected by recession and in which layoffs are very common, a government job is secure by its very definition.
  • 2. Salary - Thanks to the 7th Pay Commission, the pay structure of government jobs is now on par with the corporate private sector. This, coupled with the job security, makes any government job irresistable.
  • 3. Additional Benefits - Unlike the private sector, the governent sector gives you a guaranteed pension, a must after retirement. Other benefits include attractive financial services, low-interest-rate loans, etc.
  • 4. Stability - One quality of a job that everyone dreams of is stability. This is synonymous to a government job.
  • 5. Promotions - Promotions in the government sector are easier and guaranteed.
  • 6. Holidays - National and state holidays are compulsorily observed. Leave time for vacations, etc., is freely permitted.
  • 7. Further Studies - What more! For those who want to enhance their knowledge or improve their skills, the government sector facilitates fully paid higher studies.


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